California Labor Leadership Award
Northern California Carpenters
Regional Council

Bob Alvarado
Executive Officer
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council

 Bob Alvarado, Executive Officer

Bob Alvarado is the Executive Officer of the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, which represents over 35,000 men and women in carpentry and related crafts. He was first elected in 2001, and was elected to a fourth term in August of 2013.

Mr. Alvarado has negotiated four multi-year Carpenters Master Agreements for Northern California. He led the creation of the Basic Crafts Workers Compensation Fund, an insurance program that utilizes Alternative Dispute Resolution to improve service to workers and reduce costs to employers of Carpenters, Laborers and Operating Engineers.

Mr. Alvarado serves as co-chairman of the Corporate Board for the Carpenters’ Funds Administrative Office, overseeing combined assets of over 5 Billion Dollars.

He was appointed to the California Transportation Commission by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006 and is currently serving his third term after being reappointed by Governor Brown last year.

Previously, Mr. Alvarado was a member of the board of the State Compensation Insurance Fund, and the Contractor’s State License Board.

He has served as a moderator and speaker at previous International Foundation Annual Employee Benefits Conferences.

Mr. Alvarado is a member of the International Foundation Board of Voting Directors and serves on the Trustees Committee.